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Nick Singh
Helpful Hints

Early-Staged Marketing: dos and don’ts

When you are first starting out with a new company or product, maintaining what can seem an infinite number of marketing channels is overwhelming. You really only need find and focus on the one or two that truly work for you.

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Female Founders

Female Founders: Hello Headshots

In the first of what is to be a series of interviews with female founders and business women, we sat with Sarah Marcella, of Sarah Marcella Creative, to get some advice on how your professional headshots can communicate your business and professional persona in an impactful way.

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native app or web app?
Helpful Hints

Should I build a native app or a web app?

Before you dive into coding, actually implementing, and spending money on your idea, we encourage you to consider the following questions, to make sure you are picking the most appropriate solution and getting the most bang for your buck.

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Phrases and Meanings to Decipher Industry Nerd Jargon

A top-down breakdown of system functions starting with the high-level user goals, broken down to the functional means to achieve them.

Defnition of all major feature groups needed for MVP launch. An agreed-upon list of core features.

Black & White, static, sketch framework that outlines the structure & flow of information as well as the overarching user experience as they interact with the system.

A visual representation of the various technical components of an application and how they interact at a high level.

Perform any research into the viability of features based on external or project/client, dictated constraints. Questions like: Is this possible, generally? Is this possible for my timeline and my budget?

Representation of how the data in your application’s database will be structured and related to one another. A well-planned data model is important to make future expansion of the system and features easier.

What problem are you solving and for whom? Why would someone pay for your product, download it, use it, or be loyal to it?

A product with enough features to attract early-adopter customers and validate a product idea early in the product development cycle. In other words: the minimum feature set to deliver on your value proposition.

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